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Heart Beat {gif}


11 Responses to “Heart Beat”

  1. Orson

    Hi there, this is absolutely beautiful and very well done. Many compliments!

  2. KarenH

    Love it! A little steampunk, very graphic and just fun.

  3. ckemtp

    This would be an exceptional gif to use for cardiology lectures. Forgive my ignorance, but how may I obtain your permission to do so?

    • beatgram

      Thank you. I’m so sorry but I don’t want you to use because this is just one of my portfolio. So please link back to this page.

      • ckemtp

        Fair enough. Thank you. I’m glad I asked and I will not use it. Keep up the good work.

  4. Clop

    Experiencing this is like watching a Rube Goldberg machine. You can’t help but keep on watching all of the little cool movements. Very nicely crafted.


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