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Rolling Polygon Preset Sample
I needed to rig the rolling square easily the other day. So I wrote quick expressions based on the great tutorial called Rollin’ and Riggin’ a Cube by School of Motion. And I decided to make my own preset and share it for free. So if you’re interested in my GIF above, download the preset and play around with it now!

[Quick Installation]
Copy the preset you downloaded and paste it to the “Presets Folder” located in the “Program Files\Adobe\Adobe After Effects CC\Support Files (Windows)” or “Applications/Adobe After Effects CC (Mac OS)” folder.
If you want to know more about presets, check the After Effects Help.

[Quick Set Up]
First of all, you need to create a new shape layer. Then, with the shape layer selected, apply the Rolling Polygon Preset. You can rig the polygon with the rotation property.
You can also change some parameters in the Effect Controls Panel.

Please don’t expect much of the preset. It’s my crappy freebie stuff. But don’t hesitate to give me a feedback. I want to know your impression about the preset.

I’d really appreciate it if you could spread my free preset. And I’m very glad if you follow me/my works on Twitter or on some social networks. Anyway, I hope you enjoy it and make something nice with my preset!

Download the Rolling Polygon Preset for AE CS5.5 above

By downloading this preset, you agree to the following.
1. You may use this preset in commercial project and personal project.
2. You may not re-distribute this preset by any means, for free, or for a fee.
3. You may not alter this preset for re-distribution.

3 Responses to “Free Download: Rolling Polygon Preset”

  1. Yudhistira Mahendratama

    hay Shinsuke Matsumoto how can i download this cool stuff 😦 , i really need this


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