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Today I watched pretty useful tutorial by Motion Array. It’s about uber clever way to create typical long shadow. So I wrote this quick & dirty script to automate the set up process and speed up the workflow. Yes, I believe the power of one click script! And I decided to share this tiny little stuff on my Gumroad at $3.

Of course, you can download and use the free preset from Motion Array. But if you throw me $3, I can buy me a coffee/beer and make another scripts/tutorials for sweet mograph community! In fact, I contributed the donation from my Rolling Polygon Preset to my mograph friends last year.

[Quick Installation]
Copy “shadowRig.jsxbin” file you downloaded and paste it to the “ScriptUI Panels” folder located in the “Program Files\Adobe\Adobe After Effects \Support Files\Scripts (Windows)” or “Applications/Adobe After Effects /Scripts (Mac OS)” folder. If you want to know more about installation, check After Effects Help.

[Quick Explanation]
It’s pretty easy to use. All you need to do is to select layers you want to apply the long shadow effect and then, click the Add Shadow button. So the script applies the effect to all layers you selected individually.
If you check the “Link Mode” and select multiple layers, the script applies the effect to all layers individually and link the properties(Shadow Length, Shadow Andle, Shadow Opacity, Shadow Color) to the leader layer’s(first selected layer) properties.

[Quick Sample]

You can download the AEP file (CC2015) on my Dribbble page.

I hope some mographers grab it. I would much appreciate it if you could give me a feedback. So please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me if you find some errors or better ways. I’m a imperfect person completely, and I still feel like I’m a fake coder!

Download Shadow Rig script from my Gumroad page.


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